We start with as low as $99 for our services. This is one of the cutting edge advantages we have over our competitors i.e., we provide services to our valuable clients at a fraction of cost.
Although we offer a wide range of services that make us a unique conglomerate, numerous clients are more than satisfied with our e-commerce and digital marketing services. Hence, we believe that these aforementioned services are our core specialty since more than 80% of our workload surrounds these two specific areas.
When it comes to hiring and vetting, we strongly believe in the concept of Choosing the Right Person for the Right Job. Our experienced Human Resource department invests substantial time in discovering the best people who are passionate about the eCommerce and Digital Marketing industries and are committed to growing with the company.
We ensure that our employees have top-notch communication skills. We keep this aspect at priority throughout our recruitment process. Even when employees get on-board with us after getting hired, they are trained by some top-notch communication experts that develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills after which they are fully groomed to communicate with our clients in an effective way.
Our employees are staffed in-house in our state-of-the-art operation center in Madinah Saudi Arabia. Our experts work in teams in a healthy and productive work environment and hence ensure that required integrity in work and hence produce the best outcomes for you that might not be possible while working with freelancers.
It all matters what sort of business processes a firm wants to outsource to gain maximum benefits. In general, outsourcing helps businesses to focus on their core competencies by reducing the work clutter. By delegating and sharing responsibilities, businesses can get a clear vision as to where they are headed towards and hence specify their goals further or continue on the same path of success at an increased pace.
FlipInsight Group LLC is a versatile conglomerate company that provides end to end B2B solutions for online sellers, entrepreneurs, vendors, and large firms. We specialize in different business areas such as eCommerce, Online Marketplaces, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Accounting and Finance, Admin Support, ERP, and much more.