FlipInsight – Privacy Policy

FlipInsight has maintained a strict and disciplined policy regarding user’s data security to ensure that our valuable clients can get our eCommerce & Digital Marketing services without compromising their personal information. We only collect relevant information from you that is essential to provide you with top-notch user experience on or any other websites that we own and manage under the umbrella of FlipInsight Group LLC.

We have set high standards to ensure that whatever data we obtain from our clients through fair and lawful means will benefit them through our high-quality Digital Marketing services. You will be prior informed about why we must collect your personal data and how it will be utilized during service provision. We will always ask for your consent before having access to your personal information and you will be free to accept or decline our access request.

What Personal Data Is Collected?

IP Address & Browser’s User String Agent

While browsing through the info available on our service pages or our blog section, you may comment to appraise the respective content. In this case, we will collect the user’s IP address and browser’s user agent string to ensure that the comment that you are writing is written by a human instead of a bot.

Media Files (Pictures, Written Info, etc.)

If you are sharing some media files on the platforms of, please make sure your files do not have any information regarding your location and do not have EXIF GPS included. It is because the files will then be prone to misuse by other users who can extract the location info from the downloaded data.


If you are a regular user of, you might want to explore our other services as well that will suit your business needs. Hence, it is for your convenience that whenever you want to surf our service pages or make a comment on our blog posts, you don’t have to enter your credentials once again.

To optimize the website experience for our clients, we will provide you with an option to store your name, e-mail address, and all other web information as cookies. In this way, it will be convenient for you to avail of our services in a smooth way.

Content/Files Linked to Other Domains

The landing pages on our website might contain text, images, or videos linked to other external domains that FlipInsight does not own or control. These web domains might ask you for your confidential information, make use of cookies, involve any third-party tracking service, and monitor your interaction in parallel to the foreign content. We do not own any responsibility for the misuse of information by external websites. You should NOT handover any confidential info to any unknown domain that redirects from our web pages.

How Your Data will be Stored by Our Servers?

We only retain your personal data as long as you want to have an enhanced user experience on our website. The comments that you will publish on our blogs and articles will be stored for an infinite period. We will also retain the information that existing and new users provide in the user profiles. You can see, alter, and remove any type of information available in the user profiles (except usernames). The administrators of will have the authority to see and edit the user profile details to avoid the creation of spam accounts. Moreover, the administrators will also secure your information from illegal web practices such as data theft, unauthorized access, copying content, disclosing your identity, misuse, or modification by third-party users.

Your Exclusive Rights over Your Personal Data

If you are one of FlipInsight’s registered users, you can request the website administrators to provide your personal information in the form of an exported file that is retained in our servers. This file will include all the relevant info including user profile details or your published comments made under our blog posts. Moreover, you can also request for the complete removal of your personal information from our website. However, the removed data will not include any details that we have to store for legal, security, or administrative reasons.

Where FlipInsight will Send Your Information?

User-profile details and the comments published by those profiles are automatically analyzed by our spam-detection system according to our Privacy Policy guidelines. This analysis is essential to make sure that there are no spam accounts on our website to operate marketing activities through our domain.